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In this course you will learn to use PressReader.

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PressReader gives access to more than 5,000 newspapers and magazines from all over the world. Usually you must pay, however, if you log on to the library’s wireless internet, og log on via the access from your librarys homepage, all access to the content is free.
In this course you will learn to use PressReader on our homepage, you will learn to search for articles or to use the app on smartphone or tablet.

PressReader can be accessed from the computers in your library or from your own PC, smartphone or tablet – if you are logged on to the library’s wireless internet or the librarys homepage.

On the videos you can choose english sublitle translation by the settings-button.

Introduction to PressReader

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PressReader gives access to more than 5,000 publications. PressReader is especially relevant for those interested in reading news and articles in English, as the selection of Danish (language) articles is rather scarce.

PressReader may be regarded as a digital news stand. The content, however, can be accessed - for free - from the so-called PressReader hotspots. Most libraries in Denmark are PressReader hotspots where your access to the content is free. If your location is a PressReader hotspot you can print articles and you can download them to your smartphone or your tablet, if the PressReader app has been installed.

Learn much more about PressReader in the course on the following pages.

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How to use PressReader.com

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In this step of the course, you will learn how PressReader works and how to create a personal account. You can use PressReader without having created a personal account. However, an account gives access to more functions and you need an account for installing the PressReader app on a smartphone or a tablet.

PressReader is free of charge, if you access it from your library. You may either log on to the library’s wireless internet from your own computer, your smartphone or tablet or you can use one of the computers in the library.

Pressreader is also free of charge if you log on via your librarys homepage. Learn more about how you catch PressReader from home and by an app at this course page 4.

A PressReader hotspot is a location offering free wireless internet. Via your internet connection you also get access to the entire content of PressReader. Most libraries and many hotels subscribe to PressReader and are thus defined as PressReader hotspots.

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Searching for topics on PressReader

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On PressReader you can limit and filter your search by choosing between the following categories:

Publications - Limit your search to a specific newspaper/publication. When clicking ‘Publications’ you must first select the country of publication; then you find the publication on a list. Remember: you can only search newspapers/publications that are contained in PressReader.

Languages –You can select the language(s) in which you want to read your articles. As the translation service in PressReader is not satisfactory, we recommend that you pick languages with which you are familiar.

Date – Define the time limit for your article search. If the publication date is of no importance to your search, you may click and choose ’anytime’.

Results located - If you select ‘In the Headline’, your targeted key words must be part of the title of the article to reappear in your search result. If you select ‘In the Body of the Article’ you only search in the text(body) of the article.
By default, there are check marks in both boxes.

Author – If you search for articles by a specific author/journalist fill in his/her name in the relevant search field.

Quotation marks make a big difference for your search result.

If you place quotation marks around words that belong together, your search will find results only where these exact words appear – together


A search for ‘space travel’ yields results only where those two words appear together.

A search for space travel results in all articles in which ‘space’ or ‘travel’ figure

Choosing the first type of search instead of the second one will sometimes produce a more focused search

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How to use PressReader from home by an app

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With the PressReader app you can collect publications on your computer, smartphone or tablet for reading whenever you want.
The only condition is that you are logged on to PressReader by the access from your local library homepage.
In the video course, you will get a guided tour through the app. This video has been made on an iPad, however, the app offers exactly the same functions on all units.

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